Elyana Situmorang's Indonesian Cuisine (Ely's Cuisine)

Try Ely's Cuisine with heavenly taste, in our dialect we call the taste,"Tabonai" ! ! !, scroll down to see prices and more details...

Slow cooked beef that you can enjoy! baked Batak cuisine!

Please order and pay today before 12 p.m.for your picking up the other day after 12 p.m. "Saturday closed". Order on Friday before 12 p.m. will be picked up on Sunday after 12 pm. Please WA "909-389-8010" by clicking the WA icon below:

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1. This is a braised fish with natural ingredients, so delicious, we call this Arsik. Price is $30 per piece. Minimum order 2 pieces, or 2 people order 1 piece

baked Batak cuisine!

2. For all below, please hover your mouse or tap on picture to see price and more details. and tap on other pictures to see it again

2.1) Dadargulung $1.5 each, sold in 1 package of 10 each ($15). Minimum order 2 packages
This is called "Dadargulung", $1.5 each, and sold in 1 package of 10 each ($15). Minimum order 2 packages, or 2 people order 1 package. Call first before you come to pick them up.
2.2) Ayam Gule $35 per chicken. Minimum order 2 chickens ($70)
This is chicken curry, we call this "ayam gule", braised organic chicken (ayam kampung) with coconut milk. Price is $35 per chicken. Minimum order 2 chickens ($70), or 2 people order 1 chicken. Call first prior to pickup!
2.3) Raw Tempe $3.5 per package., Hurry up this is 25% cheapper
This is raw tempe. Price is $3.5 per package. As this is made to order. Pls order 4 days before you pick up
2.4) Nastar $10 per small container & $20 per bigger container.
As this is a home made nastar, you will taste the difference compared with the processed nastar, therefore price of $10 and $20 per container are reasonable. Min Order 2 containers. Please order 2 days before pickup time !
2.5) Onde-Onde $1.5 each or $15 per container.Min Order 2 containers.
This is very delicious, it's skin is crispy with sesame seeds while inside is green mung bean. Price is not expensive compared with it's taste, Only $1.5 each, or $15 per container. Min Order 2 containers

3. This is a slowcooked beef with fried grated coconut sauces, so delicious, we call this Rendang. Price is $200 per 1 foil ( all shown below is for 1 foil ). Minimum order 1 foil or 2 people order 1/2 foil

Slow cooked beef that you can enjoy!